Timbre of Tempests

Ravings of an Otherworldly Mind

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Who am I?
I don't know who I am! I have a good guess, though...
As of now, 25 years of age.
Delusions of grandeur, multiple personalities, flights of fancy... none are strangers to me.
Partially psychic, partially prophetic, and oftentimes, I know exactly what you're thinking. :)

Who is Raccaldin, though?
Aradal Raccaldin, Amateur Bard, is a character I created. After a self-eviction from two homes, he starts out on his own journey, promising that he would make his own name without anyone's aid. For several years, he strives on his own and makes little success. Then an old friend comes and offers him a quest. Seeing only the potential for a new story, he agrees to come. During the journey, however, he discovers himself, discovers love, and the power of friendship. Finally, he discovers success, not in fame or fortune, but in self-contentment.

You can see why I like the guy.

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