Michael (raccaldin36) wrote,

Erin McKean - Verbatim - Apr 26, 2006


There are a couple reasons I want people to watch this.

Reason 1: Erin is a lexicographer. She's also a "normal" person, as normal as any geekish person can get, anyways.
Reason 2: She explains dictionaries. She explains it a relevant and interesting way. Just about everything I have tried to explain and express and more.
Reason 3: Erin is hot. For the first half hour or so, during the gaps where I had time to think, I couldn't understand why. She's cute enough to get me interested, but what actually ended up tagging me was the utterly incredible mental ability she demonstrated. It was jaw-dropping. But this has always triggered my interest, so I'm probably just weird. Happened back in Spring '04, too.

Anyways, go watch it. It's 54 minutes long, but it's worth it all. It's an awesome ending.
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